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The characteristics and application scenarios of various Lamp Cap

Lamp Cap refers to the interface of the lamp base or socket, used to connect the bulb or lamp tube, common Lamp Cap is screw Lamp Cap (such as E27, E14, E40, etc.), double foot lamp holder (such as G5, G13, etc.), round tube lamp holder (such as B15, B22, etc.) and so on.

Different Lamp Caps have different uses and scenarios. Common screw lamp holders are generally used for home lighting, such as indoor chandeliers, wall lamps, desk lamps, etc. Two-legged lamp holders are generally used for commercial lighting, such as ground spotlights, billboard light boxes, etc. Round tube lamp holders are mainly used for waterproof lamps in wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, there are some special lamp holders, such as GU10, MR16, etc., which are often used for high-end lighting in exhibition halls, shopping malls and other occasions.

There are certain differences in the Lamp Caps of different countries. In Europe, commonly used screw lamp holders are E27, E14, E40, etc., while in the United States and Canada and other regions, commonly used A21, E26, E12 and other lamp holders. In addition, there are also differences in voltage and frequency in different countries, which will affect the electrical performance of the lamp. Therefore, the standardization and standardization of Lamp Caps is very important for the development of international trade and lighting industry.

With the process of global integration, many lamps now adopt international Lamp Cap standards, such as E27, E14, G5, G13, etc. These standard Lamp Caps can be applied to many countries and regions, and are convenient for lamp production, sales and maintenance. At the same time, there are some new lamp holders are gradually popularizing, such as intelligent wireless control lamp holders, which can remotely control the switch, brightness and color temperature of lights through mobile phone APP and other ways, in line with the needs of modern people for smart home and energy conservation and environmental protection.

Lamp Cap is a very important component of lighting products, different Lamp Cap types and standards are suitable for different scenarios and needs, so when purchasing and using lamps, it is necessary to choose the appropriate Lamp Cap according to the actual situation, and strictly abide by the relevant safety standards and regulations.

At the same time, the Lamp Cap is also an important part of the development of the lighting industry. With the continuous development of LED lighting technology, more and more new Lamp Caps are being introduced. For example, LED COB lamp holder, SMD lamp holder, etc., these new lamp holders can achieve higher power density and smaller lamp size, so that the performance and reliability of LED lamps are more optimized.

Lighting standards and technical development levels in different countries and regions will also have different impacts on the Lamp Cap industry. For example, the EU has strict energy efficiency standards for lamps, requiring parameters such as power factor and light efficiency of lamps to meet certain standards. This requires that the design and manufacture of lamp holders need to meet these standards, so as to promote the technological upgrading and innovation of the Lamp Cap industry.

Although the Lamp Cap is only a small component, it is an indispensable part of the lighting industry and consumers, and it is also an important foundation for achieving green energy-saving lighting.

Here will be a detailed analysis of the following common Lamp Cap applications and scenarios:

1. E27 Lamp Cap: E27 Lamp Cap is a more general screw Lamp Cap, diameter about 27mm, because of its moderate size of Lamp Cap, so it is very suitable for home lighting, such as chandeliers, wall lamps, desk lamps, etc. At the same time, some commercial lighting fixtures also use E27 Lamp Caps, such as creative chandeliers, decorative lamps, etc.

2. E14 Lamp Cap: E14 Lamp Cap diameter is about 14mm, smaller than E27 Lamp Cap, often used for small lamp lighting, such as wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, etc. In addition, due to its small screw head, it is suitable for use with low lamp power, usually in the power range of 5 watts to 25 watts.

3. E26 Lamp Cap: E26 Lamp Cap diameter of about 26mm, is a kind of screw Lamp Cap widely used in the United States and Canada and other countries, similar to E27 Lamp Cap, more versatile, suitable for home or commercial lighting and other fields.

4. E17 Lamp Cap: E17 Lamp Cap diameter of about 17mm, the use is more special, generally used in automobiles, aircraft and some small electrical appliances lighting, such as microwave ovens, small refrigerators, etc. At the same time, there are also bulbs similar to the E17 Lamp Cap for some mood lighting, such as Christmas tree lights.

5. E12 Lamp Cap: E12 Lamp Cap diameter of about 12mm, is also a relatively small screw Lamp Cap, usually used for small space lighting, such as cabinet lighting, bookcase lighting, etc. In addition, E12 Lamp Cap is also widely used in some decorative lighting, such as crystal chandeliers, crystal table lamps, etc.

6. E39 and E40 Lamp Caps: E39 and E40 Lamp Caps are mostly used for commercial and industrial lighting. Due to its large size and power density, it can adapt to the lighting needs of larger area and higher brightness, and is suitable for street lights, hall lights, industrial workshop lighting, etc.

7. B15 Lamp Cap: B15 Lamp Cap diameter is about 15mm, usually used for some small lighting purposes, such as bedroom bedside lamp, makeup table lamp, etc. Similar to the E14, the B15 has a smaller head screw and is generally suitable for use with smaller wattage bulbs, generally in the power range of 5 watts to 25 watts.

8. B22 Lamp Cap: B22 Lamp Cap diameter of about 22mm, is the most widely used Lamp Cap in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. B22 Lamp Cap is suitable for home and commercial lighting, such as chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, street lamps, etc.

9. G5 Lamp Cap: G5 Lamp Cap is a special two-foot Lamp Cap, often used in commercial lighting, such as ground spotlights, exhibition hall lighting, etc. The distance between the G5 Lamp Cap is about 5 mm, which allows the lamp tube to fit the lighting more closely to the lighting equipment, making the light more concentrated and uniform.

10. G13 Lamp Cap: G13 Lamp Cap size is slightly larger, distance is 13mm, suitable for commercial and industrial lamps, such as office embedded lamps, industrial workshop lighting, etc. In addition, G13 Lamp Cap is also widely used in ultraviolet germicidal lamps, lux meters and other special lighting fields.

11. GU5.3 Lamp Cap: GU5.3 Lamp Cap is a cylindrical Lamp Cap, which is usually used for high-end commercial and home lighting, such as exhibition halls, galleries, hotels, etc. Compared with the G5 and G13, the GU5.3 Lamp Cap has a smaller size and is suitable for delicate lamps, such as ceiling lights, track lights, spotlights, etc.

12. GZ10 Lamp Cap: GZ10 Lamp Cap is a high-quality Lamp Cap, which is usually used in high-end lighting occasions such as exhibition halls, museums, high-end business places, etc. The GZ10 Lamp Cap allows the luminaire to produce more precise and high-quality light to bring out the best in detail and color.

13. GU10 Lamp Cap: GU10 Lamp Cap is similar to GU5.3 Lamp Cap, small size, suitable for exquisite lighting, such as ceiling lights, spotlights, track lights, etc. The GU10 Lamp Cap is often used in conjunction with LED bulbs to provide high-brightness, high-performance illumination.

14. EP10 Lamp Cap: EP10 Lamp Cap is used for specific lamps applied in the medical industry, such as surgical lamps, skin examination lamps, etc. The EP10 Lamp Cap has a small size and a T-shaped shape, and is usually used on low-voltage and low-power lamps.

15. EY10 Lamp Cap: EY10 Lamp Cap is used in the ophthalmic medical industry, used to guide fiber optic light source, so that the light is focused to achieve the best treatment effect. The size of the EY10 Lamp Cap is small, and the design of the Lamp Cap combined with optical fiber can make light transmission more efficient and stable.

16. GX5.3 Lamp Cap: GX5.3 Lamp Cap is a common two-legged Lamp Cap, mainly used in exquisite lamps, such as restaurant ceiling lamps, museum lamps, etc. The GX5.3 Lamp Cap is often used with Halogen bulbs to provide high-bright, high-performance illumination.

17. GY5.3 Lamp Cap: GY5.3 Lamp Cap is similar to GX5.3 Lamp Cap, mainly used in exquisite lamps, such as ceiling lights, track lights, spotlights, etc. The difference is that the GY5.3 Lamp Cap is slightly farther away, about 5.3 mm, suitable for higher power bulbs, usually in the power range of 10 watts to 50 watts.

18. GX10q Lamp Cap and GY10q Lamp Cap: GX10q Lamp Cap and GY10q Lamp Cap are mainly used in stage lighting, theater and other large-scale lighting systems. The GX10q Lamp Cap and GY10q Lamp Cap use four legs to transmit higher power current and voltage, which is usually required when you want to use higher wattage bulbs within 200 watts.

19. G12 Lamp Cap: G12 Lamp Cap is often used in the stage, cinema and professional lighting industry, it is usually used in the lighting system of lamps. The G12 Lamp Cap is compact and efficient, providing accurate and uniform lighting effects, and is widely used in hardware equipment such as theaters, performing arts venues, and stage lighting.

20. GR8 Lamp Cap: GR8 Lamp Cap diameter is about 8 mm, is a small size Lamp Cap, commonly used in some small electrical appliances and home lighting, such as small socket type desk lamp, socket type wall lamp, etc.

In short, different types of Lamp Caps have their own characteristics and application scenarios, and the suitable Lamp Cap should be selected according to actual needs. At the same time, when using lamps, attention should be paid to indicating the Lamp Cap model and rated power range, and must not exceed the scope of use to ensure safe and normal use.



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