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Which is the highest hardness of stainless steel or bearing steel?

Bearing steel generally has higher hardness than stainless steel, but the specific hardness depends on the composition and processing of the materials. The hardness of various types of stainless steel and bearing steel are discussed below:

1. Hardness of stainless steel: The hardness of stainless steel depends on its chemical composition and processing. Generally, the hardness of stainless steel ranges between 150-300HV. Austenitic stainless steel has higher hardness, typically above 250HV, whereas ferritic stainless steel has a hardness of 150-200HV.

The hardness of different types of stainless steel is as follows:

- 316 stainless steel hardness: 217HB, 99HRB, 217HV, Approximately equal to 56.4 HRC
- 430 stainless steel hardness: 205HB, 95HRB, 200HV, Approximately equal to 54 HRC
- 304 stainless steel hardness: 187HB, 90HRB, 200HV, Approximately equal to 50.4 HRC

2. Hardness of bearing steel: Bearing steel is usually high carbon chromium steel or high carbon chromium molybdenum steel which has high hardness and wear resistance. The hardness of bearing steel is generally between 60-65HRC.

The hardness of different types of bearing steel is as follows:

- GCr15 steel hardness: 62-65HRC
- GCr9 steel hardness: 60-63HRC
- SUJ2 steel hardness: 60-65HRC

In summary, bearing steel has higher hardness than stainless steel, but the specific hardness of each type of steel depends on its composition and processing.



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