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  • Test Finger Nail with 50N Force of IEC60335

    Test Finger Nail meets the standard requirements of IEC60335 UL1025 UL1278 UL507. The Test Finger Nail is a wide range of probes to meet the most common standards including those from IEC, EN, UL, GB,

  • PA100A UL Articulate Probe with Web Stop of UL507

    Mainly used for the inspection to prevent the body touch dangerous live parts,heating or hot parts, mechanical components, as well as inspection of solid foreign bodies into the equipment. It is neces

  • PA135A UL Probe for Film-coated Wire of UL507

    The probes referenced in Table 9.1 and illustrated in Figures 9.1 and 9.2 shall be used as measuring instruments to judge the accessibility to uninsulated live parts and film-coated wire provided by o

  • S2140A UL Test Probe of UL507

    S2140A UL Test Straight Finger is necessary appliance for household and similar electrical appliances of against electric shock protection tester.

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