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IEC 60112: Method for the Determination of the Proof and Comparative Tracking Indices of Solid Insulating Materials

Title: Unveiling IEC 60112: Testing the Proof and Comparative Tracking Indices of Solid Insulating Materials




In the field of electrical engineering, solid insulating materials are crucial components used to protect and insulate electrical conductors and equipment. Ensuring the reliability and safety of these materials is essential to prevent breakdowns and electrical failures. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed standards to test the tracking and proof properties of solid insulating materials. This article focuses on IEC 60112, which specifies the method for determining the proof and comparative tracking indices of solid insulating materials.


Understanding IEC 60112


IEC 60112 is a standard method that forms part of the IEC 601 series, which covers the testing of electric and insulating materials for various properties. This particular standard focuses on evaluating the tracking and proof indices of solid insulating materials, which are crucial indicators of their resistance to electrical breakdown and tracking.


The proof tracking index (PTI) and comparative tracking index (CTI) are important parameters used to assess the electrical performance of insulating materials. The PTI indicates the electrical strength of the material under specified conditions, while the CTI is used to compare the tracking resistance of different materials. These indices are essential for determining the suitability of insulating materials for specific electrical applications.


IEC 60112 outlines the test procedure for determining the PTI and CTI of solid insulating materials. The method involves subjecting samples of the material to a series of electrically conductive contaminants and evaluating their resistance to tracking and breakdown. The test provides valuable information on the ability of the material to withstand electrical stress and prevent the formation of tracking paths.


Compliance with IEC 60112 is crucial for manufacturers, designers, and users of solid insulating materials. By following the testing methodology outlined in this standard, stakeholders can assess the tracking and proof properties of insulating materials accurately and reliably. This ensures that only materials with adequate electrical performance are selected for use in electrical systems, thereby reducing the risk of failures and enhancing safety.




IEC 60112 plays a vital role in evaluating the proof and comparative tracking indices of solid insulating materials used in electrical applications. By adhering to the testing method prescribed in this standard, manufacturers and users can assess the electrical performance and reliability of insulating materials effectively. Compliance with IEC 60112 is essential for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical systems, as it helps to identify materials that can withstand electrical stress and prevent tracking and breakdown.



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