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What type is CEE 7?

CEE 7 is a series of European plug and socket standards that specify the physical characteristics and electrical requirements for different types of power connections. The CEE stands for "Comité Européen de l'Équipement Electrotechnique," which translates to the "European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization" in English.

The CEE 7 series includes several different types of plugs and sockets, each denoted by a number. Here are the most common types:

1. CEE 7/1: Also known as the "Europlug," it is a small, two-pin plug used for low-power devices, such as phone chargers and small appliances. It has two round pins of 4mm diameter and does not have an earth contact.

2. CEE 7/3: Also known as the "Schuko" plug, it is a grounded plug used for higher-power devices. It has two round pins of 4.8mm diameter, as well as two additional ground contacts in the form of metal strips or clips on the sides of the plug.

3. CEE 7/4: As mentioned in the previous response, it is another type of grounded plug commonly known as the "Schuko" plug. It has two round pins of 4.8mm diameter and two additional ground contacts for protective earth connection.

These standards are primarily used in Europe, but each country may have variations and specific regulations regarding plug and socket types. It's essential to check the specific requirements of the country or region in question to ensure compatibility and compliance with electrical safety standards.



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