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The meaning of the abbreviation of a date in international standards

Date abbreviation

DOR: Date of Ratification.

DAV: Date of Availability.

DOA: Date of Announcement.

DOP: Date of Publication.

DOW: Date of Withdrawal.

DOR (date of ratification) Approval date: The date on which the EN standard or Harmonized Document (HD) is approved by the European Technical Committee, from which the standard is considered approved.

DAV (date of availability) Effective Date: The date on which the official version of the approved CEN / CENELEC publication is circulated by the Central Secretariat of the European Union in the official language.

DOA (date of announcement) Announcement date: at the national level The corresponding technical department or committee member must declare this EN standard (Harmonized Document (HD), Technical Specification (TS) or CEN/CENELEC Workshop Agreement (CWA) as the last date of the national standard.

DOP (date of publication) Publication date: The deadline by which the EN standard must be published as a national standard or approved by way of national standards.

Some people will tell you that you can apply after it is effective, but the point is that even if you apply now, such as the EN62368-1:2020 report, the point is that if the DOP date has not passed, your report is not valid at all.



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