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Laboratory Equipment Introduction

Safety Lab

Test range: IT products,Audio/Video products,Luminarias,Household Products,Power Supplies,Toys,Technology Consulting etc.


IT products : IEC/EN/UL/AS/NZS 60950 series, GB 4943.

AV products : IEC/EN/UL/AS/NZS 60065, GB 8898.

Luminarias : IEC/EN/AS/NZS 60598 series, IEC/EN/AS/NZS 61347 series, IEC/EN/AS/NZS 60968, IEC/EN 62031

Household products : IEC/EN/AS/NZS 60335 series.

Power supply : IEC/EN/AS/NZS 61558 series, UL697, UL1310, UL1012.

Toys : EN 62115, ASTM F963 C1.4.25


● Data acquisition/ Switch unit

● Temp.& Humidity chamber

● AC/DC Withstanding voltage/insulation resistance tester

● Tumbling barrel tester

● Surge tester

● Socket torque tester

● Glow wire tester

● Leakage current tester

● Earth continuity tester

● Needle flame test

● Tracking tester

● Cable pull and torsion tester

● Cable flexing tester

● Pipe rain test device

● Drips test device

● Oven

● Stability test table

EMC lab

The EMC lab has the complete testing system which including: disturbance power/conducted emission testing system, lighting facilities/household appliances EMI testing system, EMS test system, power amplifier system, the harmonic voltage fluctuations and flashing test system, static circuit reactance flexibility, electricity put fast transient pulse group of flexibility, the surge of flexibility, voltage drop, sag and interruption of flexibility, lightning test system, R&S TS9980 video test system, at the same time with a 9 x6x6 3 M half dark room, a 9 waves x6x6 all dark room, two waves between shielding room, etc.

Test range:

Commercial and household appliances, information technology products, audio and video products, lamps and lanterns products, toys products, institutions and power tools etd.

EMC test main classification:

EMI(Electro-Magnetic Interference)

Test purpose: to test electric products produced by the electromagnetic radiation on human, public power grid and other normal work of the influence of the electric products.

The test content:

◆ Radiated Emission 
◆ Harmonic

◆   Conducted Emission 
◆ Flicker

EMS(Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility)

Test purpose: to test whether electromagnetic environment in electrical products in stable work, not affected.

The test content:

◆ ESD 
◆ EFT 
◆ CI

◆   Radiated Immunity-RI

Reliability Lab

Temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity storage test cycle, high temperature resistant low temperature test, temperature concussion test, rapid temperature creep test, waterproof, dustproof, vibration, drop, salt fog, key test, test, wires plug pull force bending test, flame retardant test. 

Temp. And Humidity Chamber: the main test products in damp environment its insulation intensity is whether we can achieve the standard requirements

DDrips test devicethe main test products waterproof level (IPX1, IPX2) 

Pipe rain test device: the main test products waterproof level (IPX3, IPX4)



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