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Laboratories need to wear safety equipment

Some work is more dangerous, such as working in a testing laboratory can be a dangerous profession. There usually are lots of dangers, including volatile chemicals, open flames and sharp edges.

Even simple tests such as using a Glow Wire Tester, using a sharp edge tester, or working with a frequency converter can be potentially hazardous.

So it’s essential that personal protective equipment always be worn. The most pieces of safety equipment used in product testing laboratories include:

Safety Glasses — Safety glasses fit over the eyes to provide a sealed barrier that protects the sensitive skin around the eyes. High-quality safety goggles have an elastic strap that allows them to fit snugly against the case and provide a complete seal all the way around the eyes and eyeglasses if the wearer is using them. Generally, they are made from durable, molded plastic that is flexible.

White Lab Coats — Have you ever wondered why scientists almost always wear white lab coats. There’s a reason for it: White allows splashes to show up immediately so that action can be taken instantly in the event of an accident. Lab coats are long-sleeved to protect the skin of the arms, as well as clothing. Some lab coats have elastic bands at the wrists that provide a seal to protect the wrists and to avoid the problem of loose sleeves being dragged through potentially dangerous materials.

Disposable Gloves — Gloves made of latex, rubber, plastic or other materials provide a barrier against harsh chemicals and other irritants. They also prevent bacteria and other pathogens from being transferred from the hands to the product being tested. Protective gloves come in a variety of thicknesses, depending on how caustic the substance being handled is. In a testing laboratory setting, disposable gloves should be powder-free so that there is less risk of contaminating the product being tested.



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