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India / South Africa Power Plug Standards

BS 546 India/SABS 164-1 South Africa


India and South Africa have standardized on a plug which was originally defined in British Standard 546 (the standard in the United Kingdom before 1962, when the United Kingdom replaced it with BS 1363). The BS 546 standard is also used in parts of Southern Africa (i.e., Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria), the Middle East (i.e., Kuwait, Qatar), Nepal and parts of Asia and the Far East that were electrified by the British. Our cords are manufactured to our specifications in the U.K. It meets British standards, but carries no approvals. The plug is rated at15A/250VAC. No approvals are required in the countries where it is used.

Note: India now requires BSI approvals. Currently not all Indian plugs carry this approval, therefore, it is important to contact India before exporting cords without this approval.



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