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China Power Plug Standards

GB 2099-1 and GB 1002-1


The plug and socket pattern for use in China is specified in publications GB 2099-1 and GB 1002-1. The Chinese plug is a 3-wire, grounded plug rated at 10A/250VAC used in Class I applications in China.

The plug is nearly identical to the Australian plug pattern except that the contact pins of the Chinese plug are slightly longer (1mm) and the plug body dimensions vary slightly. The cordsets can be terminated with a variety of IEC 60320 connectors and have a maximum output rating of 10A.

China requires that plugs, connector couplers, and cable used in the construction of the Chinese cordsets be tested and approved by the China Commission for Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment (CCEE) and must bear the CCC mark.



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