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Brazil Power Plug Standards

NBR 14136

10A & 20A/250V/60Hz

The Brazil plug is specified in Brazilian standard NBR 14136:2002. There are two plugs per the new standard, one rated at 10A and the second at 20A. The Brazilian NBR 14136 standard also includes receptacles. The standard is based on the international IEC 60906-1 standard, developed to encourage countries to adopt one plug and receptacle for global use.

Prior to the release of NBR14136:2002 there were three different types of plugs used in Brazil. First is the NEMA 1-15 which is a two blade ungrounded plug used in North America and Japan. Second is the NEMA 5-15 a plug with two flat line and neutral blades and a round ground pin also used in North America and Japan. Lastly, the Euro plug which is also used throughout continental Europe.



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