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PD ISO/TS 16096:2021

PD ISO/TS 16096:2021

Reclaimed isobutene-isoprene (IIR)
rubber - Evaluation procedure

Automotive fuels -National foreword
This Published Docume nt is the UK implementation of
1$0/TS 16096:2021. It supersedes PD ISO/TS 16096:2014. which
is withdrawn.
The UK participation in its pr eparation was en t rusted to Technical
Committee P Rlf 50, Raw ma t erials (including latex) for use in the
rubber industry.
A list of organizat ions represented on this committee can be obtained on
request to its committee manager .
Contractual and legal considerations
This pub li cation has been prepared in good faith, however no
representation, war ranty, assurance or u ndertaking (express or
implied) is or will be made, and no responsibility or liabili ty is or will be
accept ed by BS I in re l ation to the adequacy, accuracy, completeness or
reasonab l eness of this publication. A ll and any such responsibility and
liabi li ty is expressly disclaimed to the full ext ent permitted by the l aw .
This pub lication is provided as is, and is to be used at the
recipient's own risk.
The recipie nt is advised to con sider seeking professional guidance with
respec t to its use of this publication.
This pub li cation is not in tended to constitute a contract . U sers are
respons ible for its cor r ect application.
This publication is not to be regarded as a British Standard.
© The British Standards I nstit uti on 2021
Pub li sh ed by BSI Stan dards Li mi ted 2021
ISBN 978 0 539 16508 1
I CS 83.040.10
Compliance with a Published Document cannot confer immunity
from legal obligations.
This Published D ocument was published under the authority of the
Standards Policy and Strategy Commi ttee on 31 Augu st 2021.
Amendments/corrigenda issued since publication
Date Text affected
Version allemande EN 590:2022

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