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MS 589-2:2018

MS 589-2:2018


13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units - Part 2: Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets (Fourth revision)

ICS: 29.120.30
Descriptors: specification, plugs, fuse, socket-outlets, adaptors, connection unit, switched,
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The Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) is the national standards and accreditation body of Malaysia.

The main function of STANDARDS MALAYSIA is to foster and promote standards, standardisation and accreditation as a means of advancing the national economy, promoting industrial efficiency and development, benefiting the health and safety of the public, protecting the consumers, facilitating domestic and international trade and furthering international cooperation in relation to standards and standardisation.

Malaysian Standards (MS) are developed through consensus by committees which comprise balanced representation of producers, users, consumers and others with relevant interests, as may be appropriate to the subject at hand. To the greatest extent possible, Malaysian Standards are aligned to or are adoption of international standards. Approval of a standard as a Malaysian Standard is governed by the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 [Act 549].

Malaysian Standards are reviewed periodically. The use of Malaysian Standards is voluntary except in so far as they are made mandatory by regulatory authorities by means of regulations, local by-laws or any other similar ways.

For the purposes of Malaysian Standards, the following definitions apply:

Revision: A process where existing Malaysian Standard is reviewed and updated which resulted in the publication of a new edition of the Malaysian Standard.

Confirmed MS: A Malaysian Standard that has been reviewed by the responsible committee and confirmed that its contents are current.、

Amendment: A process where a provision(s) of existing Malaysian Standard is altered. The changes are indicated in an amendment page which is incorporated into the existing
Malaysian Standard. Amendments can be of technical and/or editorial nature.

Technical corrigendum: A corrected reprint of the current edition which is issued to correct either a technical error or ambiguity in a Malaysian Standard inadvertently introduced either in drafting or in printing and which could lead to incorrect or unsafe application of the publication.

NOTE: Technical corrigenda are not to correct errors which can be assumed to have no consequences in the application of the MS, for example minor printing errors.

STANDARDS MALAYSIA has appointed SIRIM Berhad as the agent to develop, distribute and sell Malaysian Standards.

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