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BS ISO 14021:1999

BS ISO 14021:1999


Environ1nental labels

and declarations -


environ1nental clai1ns

(Type II environ1nental


National foreword

This British Standard reproduces verbatim ISO 14021: 1999 and implements it

as the UK national standard.

The UK participation in its preparation was entrusted to Technical Committee

ES/3, Environmental labelling, which has the responsibility to:

- aid enquirers to understand the text;

- present to the responsible international/European committee any

enquiries on the interpretation, or proposals for change, and keep the UK

interests informed;

- monitor related international and European developments and

promulgate them in the UK.

A list of organizations represented on this committee can be obtained on

request to its secretary.


The British Standards which implement international publications referred to

in this document may be found in the BSI Standards Catalogue under the

section entitled "International Standards Correspondence Index", or by using

the "Find" facility of the BSI Standards Electronic Catalogue.

A British Standard does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of

a contract. Users of British Standards are responsible for their correct


Compliance with a British Standard does not of itself confer immunity

from legal obligations.

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